Microservice development using RabbitMQ message broker





Microservices, Software Development, RabbitMQ, Message Queuing


Nowadays, when applications are being developed faster with the introduction of agile methodologies and new technologies, microservices are emerging. The microservices make applications easier to create and maintain when broken down into smaller parts, which form a whole application. RabbitMQ acts as an intermediary between the various services. It reduces the load and delivery time on server web applications by delegating tasks that would typically take a lot of time and resources. Message queuing allows web servers to respond quickly to requests rather than being forced to perform complex procedures that can take more time and resources. AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) is a message protocol that deals with publishers and consumers like any other messaging system. Publishers produce messages while consumers download and process them. The job of message brokers, such as RabbitMQ, is to ensure that messages from publishers go to the right consumers. To do this, the broker uses two key components: exchange and order. We demonstrated that the style of microservice architecture is an approach to the development of an application as a set of small services, each in charge of its own process and communication with other services.






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