Rough estimation of cell numbers in 5G networks using simple mathematical calculations




cell planning, 5G base station, throughput, radio link budget


This paper focuses on the problem of 5G network cell planning. In addition, it presents an example of a rough estimation of the required number of cells or base stations in a certain area for arbitrary number of users who are provided with a certain bandwidth per user within these cells. The cell number estimation is the initial step and the essence of planning and implementation of 5G network in an area. It is helpful for the operators to create and take into the account business plans in order to fully implement the network as a function of number of users which have to be served. Considering that, knowing the rough number of 5G base stations per user is very important for pre-sale activities and eventually necessity for widening of the initial investments. Therefore, the paper presents four scenarios that include different network parameters. Depending on the network parameters, the required number of base stations in a certain area changes. Given scenarios are examples of one 5G network in virtual area per bandwidth per user.






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Rough estimation of cell numbers in 5G networks using simple mathematical calculations. (2021). Science, Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 1-7.

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